Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Art Journal Page

I started an art journal several months ago. It's a fun little book where I get to play with my supplies and document things that might not make it onto a scrapbook page. To streamline the process, I like to use either scraps from recent pages or leftover kit contents. The colors are already matched which is a great time saver. Playing with scraps, I'm also not as worried about using up something valuable that I might want or need later. Double bonus!

Remember that paper chain I used as a mask last week? It's found a place on a journal page, along with some scraps and stickers from the Great Adventures kit:

Do you have an art journal, smash book, or similar? What do you do with your scraps?


  1. I've been tempted to start an art journal a la Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, but have been intimidated by the depth of the artwork I've seen. This would be a great way to use scraps and odd embellies and I like your version. I use my scraps making cards.

  2. that is a great idea, i make cards but still have scraps from them too. this would make a great gift too!! i have several emptu journals lying around!! by the way i love your paper chain.!!

  3. I really LOVE this page. The journaling is really special too. What a wonderful thing for you to do!

  4. This is adorable again I love the misted chain of kids. I love the idea of smashing with my scraps. I have found a new purpose for them and I just reorganized them tfs!