Sunday, April 29, 2012

Making My Mark

Two weeks ago, as I prepared for a trip to D. C., I was throwing a couple of books in my backpack (I have yet to join the "Kindle Klub"), when I realized I didn't have a bookmark. Sure, my boarding pass would do, but I was still in scrapping mode, and thought I could do better. I had some scraps on my desk and created the cutest bookmark with them. Then yesterday when I was deciding on what to make with the last of my Scraptastic scrapbook kit scraps, I revisited that idea and made another lovely tag. I enjoyed sifting through my fiber stash to find bits and pieces that matched the colors in that striped paper.

I cut a sturdy tag shape out of chipboard and covered it with a mix of paper scraps and stickers. After adhering everything, and before adding the fiber and brad, I brushed on a coat of gloss medium. Start to finish, this cute little project took less than 15 minutes, excluding drying time.

Here is the bookmark I made with the Great Adventures kit scraps:

Now I can be in the middle of two books (there's usually one in the car and one on the bedside table), and have my place marked securely in each. No more dog-eared pages or turned in book jackets! I'm also thinking these would make great stocking-stuffers for kids and other bibliophiles who still read the "old-fashioned" way!

Do you often have your nose in a book, Nook, or Kindle? Any must-reads?


  1. Good idea for using up the last of the scraps! I'm an avid reader (OK, addict) who likes to turn pages and doesn't see myself with a Kindle. I love historical fiction best, and sometimes fantasy ("Outlander series"). Right now I'm deep into the
    "Game of Thrones" series.

  2. Oh gosh, those fibers are the perfect fit to your book mark!! Way to use up those scraps!!! I much prefer an actual book in my hand as well.. I don't think I will be joining the kindle klub anytime soon either.

  3. I love to feel the pages between my fingers! Super cute idea, I never thought to make a book mark! I travel alot for work and began reading again, will have to make myself one of these, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I have to make bookmarks for Brandon and Jordan's teachers. Thank you so much for reminding me. I may make one for me too. Gorgeous project!