Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few Cards On Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! Jessica J. here with a few cards using the Heats A Flutter kit. My oldest child had a dance competition last week and I gave her this card right before she went backstage to let her know she is loved and we are so very proud of her.  

I inked the edges  of all the paper pieces with black chalk ink and then covered the smallest of the chipboard hearts with black chalk ink as well. Super easy!

Since Valentines day is long gone I wanted to keep my cards focused on things unrelated to the holiday of love. The next card is also for another special reason coming up in our family's life. order to share it with you I need all of you to keep a secret? Can you do it? OK, my Scraptastic secret keepers.....

We are surprising our kids with a trip to Disneyworld this spring!!!!! Keeping this secret is killing me! It feels so good to tell someone. I made the following card as part of the surprise.

I plan on filling a suitcase with red, black, white and yellow balloons. It will sit in my living room. When the kids wake up in the morning they will find it. I know my kids very well, they will not be able to contain themselves and will open it.  When it opens all the balloons will fly out. Tied to one of the balloons will be this card. Inside....

I will write "Surprise!!! We are going to Walt Disney World Today!!!!!!!"I sure hope we get some cool parent points for this one.

I used the pop dots that I got free with my kit and covered them with glitter. A combo of two small and one large make the perfect Mickey Mouse shape.(A tip I learned when making them: sprinkle on the glitter, then press it in with your finger, then shake off the rest that did not stick)

And because I was on a Disney themed kick I made an extra card featuring Minnie Mouse.

That's all I have for you! Have a fantastic day!!!!!!

 Jessica J.


  1. So excited that you guys are going to get to go to Disney! I love your idea to surprise them Jess. Totally awesome! Your cards are fabulous too.