Tuesday, January 31, 2012

happy tuesday!

i know we have
one more day until february...

but seriously i LOVE
the february kits so much
i HAD to start sharing today!!!

so i have 1 question for you.......

where are you putting your valentines????

ours are (very cutely) being eaten
by this super adorable MONSTER!!!

and here's how to make
one of your own...

tissue box
hearts a flutter kit
hearts a flutter add-on
black stickles

center cardstock on box
draw where you will cut for the
mouts, and where you will
fold the cardstock to
cover the box...
make cuts for sides,
leaving a small flap to
overlap and give a more
finished look.
cut mouth and glue
paper to top on box.

glue sides down, and overlap
small flaps.
depending on the size of your
box... i cut 2 1/2" strips to go around
the lower half of the box
i then cut teeth and glued them in
place, went around the mouth
with black stickles, and
adorned with cuteness!!!
the kids made our monster his
cute accordion arms!

i saw this idea on
pinterest and re-purposed
it for valentines day!



  1. Oh this is so cute! My son has to make a Valentines Day Box out of a tissue box. You could not have posted this at a more perfect time.

  2. Julie this is hilarious! I absolutely love the monster!! Thanks for the inspiration, it's just what I needed. I have Keurig boxes I am going to repurpose just for my childrens valentines!!

  3. Oh my GOSH Julie! How cute! Now I totally want to make a monster. Such a fun and creative project!