Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Chevron Stamp and LO

Chevrons are everywhere these days! Did you know you can make your very own chevron stamp to use with acrylic paint? This is Madeline here, new to the Scraptastic Design Team, and today I'm going to show you exactly how I made my own priority box "stamp" and used it on the layout below:

I love using kraft cardstock as a background, but first tried to liven it up a bit with splatters of yellow and black paint. needed something more. After an unsuccessful search around the house for bubble wrap, I came upon the idea for a chevron design and made my own stamp. My Scraptastic Club kit had arrived just a few days before in a priority box, and it was still sitting right beside my workspace. I tore off one flap and peeled back the inside layer of paper to reveal the corrugated surface underneath. Oh yeah...those stripes would be perfect!

Using a trimmer, I cut two pieces from the flap at opposite angles and trimmed them to the same length with my scissors. Placed together, glued to a separate sheet of cardboard, they would form my "stamp". A loop of paper adhered to the top would make lifting the painted stamp off the paper that I was stamping a bit easier...with less mess to my fingers...and less likely to be dropped back onto my page in an unwanted position. (Been there, done that.)

To use, brush a generous amount of acrylic paint onto the stamp and press onto your background paper. Repeat as desired. Here's how it looks on my practice piece of cardstock:

Obviously, these "stamps" can't be washed off. When finished, simply dab any excess paint onto a paper towel and let the remaining paint dry on the cardboard. It might be good for a couple of uses, but we know where to find more of the raw materials used to make another. ;)

Here is the page I created with my makeshift stamp. It is probably my favorite layout thus far with the Be Amazing Kit.

And now for a closer look at a few of the details of my page. As you can see, my love for banners continues. Circles cut from patterned paper were folded in half over twine and strung across the page not once, but twice.

In creating my title, the chipboard letters were sanded down in preparation for an application of paint, but once sanded, I LOVED the bare, distressed look and ended up leaving them alone! Scanning and printing the boarding pass/tickets accomplished two things: I was able to fiddle with the color and turn the bright Christmas green tickets into ones that better matched the colors of my layout, and now that they are printed on acid-free paper, they are archival and safe for my scrapbook. Pretty cool!

If you decide to make your own priority box "stamp", please share your creations in the Scraptastic Club members gallery or Facebook page. I'd love to see what you do!


  1. This is a fabulous layout! Looooove your banners. :)
    - April

  2. The banners are really cool! I love the stamp idea!

  3. Great the banners and the little flags.

  4. Very cool technique!! Love your page too:)

  5. thanks for the tip and your page is amazing!! i knew i saved all those corr. cardboard that come in packages for something!!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial about the DIY chevron stamp. I pinned it.
    The lo is simply gorgous! love the circles banner.

  7. The chevron stamp is an awesome idea. What a great way to recycle!!