Thursday, October 13, 2011

october challenge #2

happy thursday scraptastic club scrappers!!!

I'm here to give you your
second october challenge!!

i'm sure by now you all can tell
just how much i LOVE to
distress and ink EVERYTHING!!!

that's what i want you all to do this week!
get dirty!! i also need to see some
shapes! you'll need to add
at least 1 rectangle
1 circle and 1 square
on your page!

i wanted to share with you some of the ways
you can distress you pages...
crumpling up

and some tools you can use...
or just grab some files and
buffers from the nail section
in you local beauty store!

though the distrezz it all is pretty
noisy, it's one of my
favorite tools!!

so show us your stressed out pages for
your chance to win this months
awesome prize!!


  1. You always do such an amazing job with the distressing Juliann! I love your page. I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

  2. Wow--the example LO is terrific! Ok, I will get to work :)